Our Story

The Über Sausage Birth

Determined to bring the best sausage sandwich to Denver, friends with a passion for charcuterie and roots in the restaurant business opened The Uber Sausage in a neighborhood fondly referred to as the gourmet ghetto – East Colfax.

With a shoestring budget of just $40,000, we focused on the food. We began by searching for a superior artisan sausage made with naturally raised meats, and never any nitrates or other artificial preservatives. We hunted for the best artisan bakery in the city and prepared house-made condiment recipes and sought out other ingredients that would make a locavore happy. With the right elements in place, we developed a menu that pleased our palate and fulfilled our vision for creating and serving the very best sausage sandwiches in Denver.

With little left over for slick marketing or designer décor, the restaurant took on a spare, urban feel. This made our sausage sandwiches stand out even more than we had planned, which was just fine with us. After months of hard work, we finally opened the doors to The Uber Sausage in July 2011. On our 15-month anniversary we began making our own naturally raised, nitrate and preservative-free artisan sausages. That's when Uber Sausage took on a whole new meaning.

We realized quickly that we had something folks liked -- a lot.

Today, we have two locations -- our original shop on East Colfax and our newest location in LoHi overlooking the Denver skyline -- where we put a whole lotta love and energy into taking care of each customer that comes through our doors.

We also expanded our menu to include the best microbrews and local wines – which make every Uber Sausage sandwich taste even better. We also added a killer breakfast menu and a few new tasty sandwiches and salads for lunch and dinner.

As for the future? We have a few ideas up our sleeves... Stay in touch to find out what's next!

The Partners

Henry DeMatteis

Henry co-founded The Uber Sausage while running a sports and entertainment business. Already successful in his own right, he craved a new challenge and carried a penchant for interesting foods, culinary tradition and high-energy business. When given the opportunity to develop a new restaurant concept with friends, he jumped in feet first.

Alex Gschwend

Alex descends from a long line of restaurateurs – his grandfather was a legend in Denver food circles. That's probably why he considers his seven years in digital marketing and business development merely training ground for his true calling – the restaurant business. With a sincere, long-held passion for cooking, artisan butchery and making others happy through hospitality, he left corporate America behind when he co-founded The Uber Sausage.